January 29, 2024

Children’s vision problems can be hard to see…

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Set them up for success with a back-to-school eye test!

Did you know that undetected vision problems can impact your child’s ability to learn and develop?

Eyesight is the most important of our senses and provides 80% of the information used for learning and education, as well as coordinating our movement in and around our surrounding environment. Children require good eyesight and good eye coordination so they can reach all their developmental and educational milestones.

Unfortunately, children often assume their vision is just like everyone else’s, which is why vision problems in kids can easily go undetected.

These issues might manifest in subtle ways, such as a child squinting or holding reading material too close. However, some signs might not be as obvious, making it crucial for parents to be vigilant about potential vision problems in their children. Keeping an eye out for possible symptoms of a vision problem will ensure that any problems can be detected early to avoid any long-term damage.

So, what key signs should parents look out for? We have listed a handful below:

  • One eye turns in or out while the other points straight ahead
  • Frequent blinking
  • Red or watery eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Frequently rubbing eyes
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Tilting head noticeably
  • Covering or closing one eye
  • Difficulty learning to read
  • Holding a book very close when reading
  • Squinting or sitting very close when watching television
  • Difficulty recognising familiar people in the distance
  • Complaints of headaches, blurred or double vision

Promote better eye health for your child this year

Recognising how vital regular eye tests are doesn’t just catch hidden issues – it helps kids do better in school and feel better overall. As school starts up again, getting a back-to-school eye test shouldn’t be considered as another thing to add to your already jam-packed routine, it’s laying down a solid foundation for your kids’ learning journey.

Help your child be their best and book a back-to-school eye test today!

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