Lisa Summers
Lisa Summers
Practice Manager
Optical Dispenser

Lisa commenced at the practice initially in just an admin role, but now manages the practice as a whole, as well as performing the sometimes challenging task of selecting the right frame for the right person. Nonetheless, she has been overheard saying that this is the most fun part of her job, and she relishes the opportunity to give someone a new look and a lift with their new spectacles.

Lisa also does all our edging and fitting, which allows us a greater level of control over the quality and speed of our work.

Kathryn Watson
Kathryn Watson

Kathryn, the newest member of our team, having joined early 2015, has settled in and become one of the family. Kathryn brings her cheery and helpful demeanour, and her extensive community knowledge, having lived locally for 27 years. She is ready to welcome you with a smile and a cup of tea while you wait.

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