Childrens Frames

The fitting of a frame to a child’s head is more difficult than fitting an adult, partly as they’re not always co-operative, but also because of the way children grow: they have a wider variety of head shapes, and there is no standard fit. Some frames may look great, but wont fit properly. Our optometrist personally checks the fit of every young child’s frame before going ahead, to ensure a comfortable fit, and that they will get a good functional result with the lenses that they require.

We have a large selection of childrens frames, selected to allow for the diversity of childrens face and head shapes, and because, well, kids are kids! The OiO range from Eschenbach are made of a super-flexible material that withstands the punishment of even the most uncooperative child! Another favourite of ours is the Adidas range of childrens frames. Fashioned from a range of durable materials, these frames have an unconditional two year warranty, so even if the glasses break and it wasn’t a manufacturing fault, they will still be covered under warranty for a period of two years.

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