Generally, sunglasses fit differently to standard optical frames. They are normally designed to shield the eyes from any direct sunlight, so they tend to be larger, or more commonly wrap around the head and sit closer to the face in order to give better protection without increasing weight. These design features, while great in a non-prescription lens, present a challenge when making up prescription sunglasses, as the optics of regular lenses is compromised when placed in some sunglass frames, creating blur and distortion. Technology has improved so that we can take these factors into account, and create your prescription in these frames. Read more about this on our lenses page.

We can help you select a pair of sunglasses that will be comfortable, and give you best vision for the times that you wear them. We carry a range of fashionable and functional ranges, including:

  • Idol Eyes, a specialty range made for children, with small frames, bright colours and in some cases elastic straps for the youngest and smallest heads.
  • Oroton and Prego, stylish fashion frames.

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