The Frame Fit – Matching your Head

A pair of spectacles is a very personal item. For many people, they get worn every day, sometimes all day. The frames that hold your lenses need to be comfortable for extended periods, and durable enough to withstand the strains of day-to-day life.

The selection of a spectacles frame should always be undertaken with a qualified optical dispenser or optometrist, as there are many factors that need to be weighed up in order to obtain the best results for your glasses. Well help match a frame to your face and head shape, your complexion, and your prescription and the tasks that you will be doing with your glasses on to ensure all day comfortable wear.

When you collect your glasses, we will make a short appointment to ensure proper fit and make any adjustments necessary.

The ranges we carry have been selected to ensure that we are able to provide a quality frame for every face. Some of our favourites include the award-winning Prodesign range, which features lush colours and thoughtful design, ranging from the classic retro chic to the modern and lightweight; and you can’t mention lightweight without mentioning Silhouette, who have pioneered and continue to innovate the rimless frame, with some of the models in the range weighing only 5 grams.

The Klik range, from Denmark, and the Humphreys range from Eschenbach, both have bright, fun colours in durable materials.

If you’re looking for frames that are both light and strong, the Titanflex range from Eschenbach are a trusted maker of flexible frames that are perfect for those who find it a little difficult to look after their glasses.

For a look at some of our current models, check us out on Pinterest.

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