Vision for learning services

We offer a range of services for schools, educators and community groups, including screenings and presentations.

At Insight Vision Care, were really passionate about making sure that every child has the best opportunity for learning through good vision. When you consider that up to 80% of our learning is visual, its easy to appreciate why the eyes and vision have such an impact on learning.

For the individual, we offer full services in behavioural optometry, providing care to ensure that vision works efficiently, including stress relieving spectacles and vision therapy.

We’re also passionate about public education, knowing that the more equipped the community is with knowledge about their health, the better the long term outcomes are.


That greater awareness about health producing better results is particularly true with regards to vision and learning, and early intervention provides better outcomes; a child who has a vision problem detected and addressed in the first year or two of school will do much better than a child whose issues remain undetected through to the end of primary school: both educationally and in terms of their confidence.

One way of achieving this is by screening children for issues at an early age. A small battery of tests is performed to detect abnormalities, with further assessment indicated for those who fail the screening. We provide screening services for local schools at no charge, as we deem it important enough that these problems do not go undetected for too long.


Our optometrist Daniel Farrugia also is available for speaking appointments for community groups and school and teacher groups. He has an engaging style, and has experience speaking to groups as young as pre-schoolers, about how their eyes work; to service clubs about general eye health and specific conditions; and teachers as to what symptoms to look for in children that can indicate a vision problem.

Contact us for more information, or if you’d like to organize a presentation for your community group, or if you’re a teacher and are interested in finding out what we can do for your school.

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