Well ensure that you receive the best advice regarding techniques and care systems for your particular contact lenses, but some things are the same no matter what type of lenses you use.

  • Always wash your hands properly with soap prior to touching your eyes or your contact lenses.
  • Never use tap water to clean or store your contact lenses. Always use the solution system prescribed by your optometrist.
  • Do not overwear your contact lenses dispose of them at the recommended time.
  • Make sure your contact lenses are the right way, and not inside out.
  • Change the case for your contact lenses regularly.
  • Do not share your contact lenses with others!
  • Contact lenses should never be worn while you have an infection or inflammation of the eye.
  • You should always have a pair of glasses where possible to wear at those times that you cant wear your contact lenses.
  • If your lenses dont feel quite right, take them out and clean them, and try again. If they still dont, try again the following day. And if they still dont feel right, come in and see us!

To help you with looking after your eyes and contact lenses, we can set up reminders for you from your iOS or Android phone, using the Next Contacts app. The app is available for no charge, and wed be more than happy to set up your prescription in the system. Call us on 03 9741 7983 for more information.

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