Eye Services

In addition to our standard services, we also provide some specialist care not readily available with a general optometrist. These reflect the additional training our optometrists have obtained, and the equipment that we have in our practice to facilitate this.

Paediatrics and behavioural optometry

Our optometrist Daniel has extensive experience with children, and has completed additional qualifications with the University of New South Wales in Behavioural Optometry. As the majority of our learning is visual, making sure that a childs vision is functioning efficiently provides the best outcomes for learning. For more information, see the ACBO website.

Disability Services

We have a consulting room designed for patients who are unable to leave their wheelchair. The standard examination chair can be removed from its position and the patient in their wheelchair can be positioned correctly for their eye examination.

The patient can be refracted, and have a slitlamp & fundus examination from the comfort of their own chair.

All patients need to do is advise us that theyre confined to their wheelchair when booking an appointment so we can book them in the appropriate consulting room.

Contact lens fitting

In addition to standard disposable contact lenses, we also fit and supply an extensive range of specialist contact lenses, including:

  • Multifocal contact lenses
  • Extended wear contact lenses that you can wear overnight
  • ortho-K lenses to eliminate the need for glasses
  • rigid gas permeable lenses (RGPs)
  • Specialist lenses for keratoconus and other conditions requiring a specialist fit.

Dry Eye Diagnosis and Therapy

At Insight Vision Care we are well equipped to diagnose dry eye and to treat it effectively.

Dry eye symptoms can be varied, depending on its cause. The eyes can feel dry, but they can also water a lot! Most commonly there is pain or discomfort, which patients often describe as feeling like they have sand in their eyes. You can also experience itchiness, and blurred vision.

Treatments for dry eye vary from the use of targeted drops; therapies to improve tear function both for use at home, or other clinical therapies such as the Blephasteam system; and advice regarding dietary and behavioural changes and environment. These treatments should be targeted to the specific form of dry eye that you have, in order to provide the greatest relief from symptoms.


Our optometrist Daniel, is endorsed to prescribe a range of eye drops to treat eye diseases, including dry eye, glaucoma and eye infections. Recent changes in Australia mean that new optometrists being trained in Australia have this training, but older, more experienced optometrists may not. Although Daniel did not graduate with this as part of his qualification, he felt that it was important to complete this training to ensure he was able to offer his patients the best treatment options.

Optometry Services

We are committed to providing the best care for your vision

In-house dispensing lab
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Paediatric vision training
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Non surgical vision correction
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