October 20, 2021

Visitor Code Of Conduct – Conditions Of Entry

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Welcome to Insight Vision Care, our vision is to provide our community with excellence across all aspects of eyecare.

We are committed to the Optometry Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct for optometrists and to upholding the directions from the Chief Medical Officer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to maintain the health & wellbeing of our team, all visitors have the following obligations to other visitors, patients and practice staff:

  • Be courteous, respectful and polite
  • If you are unwell or subject to isolation requirements please reschedule
  • To comply with sign-in protocols
  • To adhere to infection control precautions (due to COVID-19) including:
    • Masks to be worn by any patients or visitors 12 years and over (if you feel you’re unable to comply with this requirement or have an exemption contact the practice on 9741 7983 BEFORE your appointment to discuss)
    • Hand sanitizer/handwashing on entry, before and after touching anything
    • Maintain 1.5 m distance from others when possible
  • Our reception area is limited to 3 clients, if you can see 3 people inside please wait outside until clear
  • To comply with lawful requests by staff
  • To keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb others
  • To speak to the practice manager or optometrist if you have a concern so it can be resolved peacefully

By entering the premises all visitors accept this Code of Conduct. It is not acceptable to verbally abuse staff, raise voices or become aggressive in any way. Behaviour which is threatening, harassing, abusive, violent, aggressive or disrespectful is therefore not accepted and will not be tolerated. Any visitor who breaches the code of conduct above or in any way poses a risk to a team member at Insight Vision Care and does not comply with reasonable requests by staff to stop, may be asked to leave. If a visitor who is asked to leave refuses to do so, staff will contact the Police and seek assistance.

We thank you for cooperating with additional precautions where necessary for community safety.

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